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Treat yourself to a beautiful journey of releasing tension & fears into a state of flow, softness & liveliness. Treat yourself to an hour of self massage.

Did you know that we hold a lot of tension in our face?

That is because we try to hide our true feelings and emotions there quite often; to not show how we really feel. Even to ourselves!
Grinding teeth, headaches, clenched jaws, migraine, stiff neck, overthinking & worrying are all consequences of this.
Let’s take off our masks together so you can discover the lightness and spaciousness underneath.
Hanneke takes us on one hour journey of releasing tension which we hold in our neck, throat, face and head through self massage.
60 minutes you can’t afford to miss!

It’s time to free our heads, creating more flow, space, softness, tranquility and liveliness for ourselves!
Always wanted to have tools for that overworked head of yours? Join us!
p.s. Short fingernails feel nicer on your skin.

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