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Inverse Dream Interpretation & the Bad Trip

Our trip guide April helps clients find that solitary image worth a thousand words.

Guided Tripping’s guide April has documented her personal experience with black holes and bad trips on this blog before. The image of the black hole has come to represent multitudes for her in personal growth, her life’s journey with psychedelic experience, and in her work with clients.

“I know a lot of psychedelic trip guides who mystify ‘the bad trip,’ or don’t believe it’s a thing,” […]

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The Bad Trip

It’s time to get real: Bad Trips happen.

This special blog introduces April, one of four amazing Trip Guides Miriam is now working with. It is a deeply personal and haunting ‘trip report’, so if you’re looking for a breezy and fun read I wouldn’t read on because this isn’t it. Reading this cautionary tale highlights why Guided Tripping takes such care in preparation, set and setting, and other aspects of the intentional use of psychedelics: […]

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