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Psychedelic Safety: At The Heart of the Matter

Our trip guide April did a deep dive into psychedelic safety research after a prospective client emailed worried about heart health. Here’s what we learned!

Dear Trip Guide,

I’ve been doing some research on guided trips and the potential benefits of intentional psychedelic use followed by supported integration. I came across an external page linked on your website that mentions that ‘a person […]

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I’m Kevin, a 36-year-old IT professional. My guided trip radically changed my approach.

Every Guided Tripping trip guide is all about setting productive intentions and integrating helpful discoveries to co-create supportive and fruitful psychedelic experiences.

(Note: ‘Kevin’ is a composite of multiple client experiences and pieces of feedback we’ve sourced with clients’ consent. Clients’ personal information, the contents of sessions, and information divulged to a trip guide during the course of a session are kept strictly confidential.)

We’d like to intr […]

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Inverse Dream Interpretation & the Bad Trip

Our trip guide April helps clients find that solitary image worth a thousand words.

Guided Tripping’s guide April has documented her personal experience with black holes and bad trips on this blog before. The image of the black hole has come to represent multitudes for her in personal growth, her life’s journey with psychedelic experience, and in her work with clients.

“I know a lot of psychedelic trip guides who mystify ‘the bad trip,’ or don’t believe it’s a thing,” […]

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Psychedelic seabirds, intentional experience

Our trip guide Miriam likes to collaborate with clients to create moments that are “auspicious.”

As we reintroduce ourselves and Guided Tripping’s mission to our readers through this hardcore indoor winter, we’re taking this opportunity to introduce (dun-dun-DUN)… a metaphor! And because we like to think bigger, look closer, and nerd […]

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