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Guided Tripping is for you if you’re curious about using psychedelics for personal growth rather than (or in addition to) recreationally. Perhaps someone talked to you about their experience with entheogens and how they positively impacted their life, or you find yourself interested in articles about psychedelics research that come by on your facebook or reddit feed. Maybe you heard about Guided Tripping through a friend you trust. The way they describe their session peaks your interest and has you want to experience it for yourself.

You have probably lived quite a large part of your life as a proverbial ‘head on a stick’. You discovered (maybe in a quite painful manner) that there was more to be explored. You proceeded to ‘work’ on yourself in the form of meditation, personal development, Circling, communication skills training, spirituality, embodiment, tantra, or other workshops, practices, therapies and methods. You’ve gotten great value from them: you feel expanded, more kind to yourself, more able to hold others’ perspectives, more connected, etc. Yet you still have sticky/recurring issues with e.g.:

  • Self-criticism and perfectionism/ being judgemental
  • Self-doubt, shame and overthinking
  • Dealing with being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and/or introversion in an extraverted and impulse-rich world
  • Stuckness or falling back into limiting beliefs
  • Feeling burnt out, bored out or close to either
  • Competent, but unsure you’re fulfilling your potential
  • Loneliness and disconnection; lack of intimacy; anxious and/or avoidant behaviour in relationships
  • Dissociation from your body/ the moment
  • Questioning your worthiness of love and belonging; difficulty taking up space
  • Being very sensitive to criticism
  • Basing your actions and attitudes on assumptions about others’ motives, opinions, and desires (projection)
  • Self-censoring and being preoccupied with what others think of you
  • Procrastination and distracting yourself; addictive and numbing behaviours
  • Helping others at your own expense
  • Conflict avoidance and boundary issues
  • Putting your happiness on hold until … when exactly??
  • A desire to go deeper, but being afraid and unsure of how to go about that
  • Being too smart for your own good; keeping yourself from moving
  • Getting recurring feedback from people that you can’t place (possible blind spot)
  • Workshop highs that consistently turn into hangovers

However immovable these issues may seem, there is a curiosity in you, a sense of possibility. And you somehow trust that it can be very meaningful and impactful to consciously use a psychoactive substance. But you do want to make sure that you are safe and do everything in your power to get the most out of it: to fully enjoy and let yourself go into the moment and make sure there are lasting positive effects.

You sense that there are parts of your subconscious patterning that could be put in a different light. Somehow you smell a much deeper enjoyment of life is possible. That this can be attained through other means as well, but that will be more easily accessible and anchored while on a psychoactive substance. We believe that, too! Because we’ve seen small and large miracles happen over and over.

PS: Please check if any contraindications apply to you, as well as the other information in the safety section. These substances are no silver bullet and should be used with caution.

Guided Tripping | You & I

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Miriam’s story

I love being able to guide people through highly meaningful moments and to offer exactly the thing that makes the moment safe, deep, touching, and positive – in short: auspicious.

How did this become my work? After years of immersing myself in a great variety of personal and spiritual growth methods, as well as enjoying psychedelics for both recreational and growth purposes, a friend asked me to sit with him while he ingested a psychedelic for the first time. He shared afterwards that this one session was easily as valuable as a year of therapy.

What I learned that day and have honed ever since, is that my presence and care allow people to relax into their trip. I offer them mirrors, reframes, and interventions that have a big impact because they are injected into a deeper layer of their being – a layer that becomes much more easily available because of the substance they ingested.

The presence, intuitions and skills I bring to the session, using modalities such as circling, constellation and systemic work, voice dialogue, and intuitive bodywork, make sure that the whole experience (including intake, preparation and aftercare) is not only safe, but exciting, insightful and effective.

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April’s story

From an early age, psychedelics and my own inquisitive nature sculpted the person I am today. People find my warm, open, grounded personality and my sense of humor safe and nurturing. My background of naturally rising into the role of den mother to friends experimenting with substances (especially after my own bad trip which made psychedelic research and safety a calling) and the years I’ve spent participating in and facilitating Authentic Relating have coalesced into my practice. As a trip guide, empathy is most important to me. People love the sense that I’m really there with them, wherever they are. They are comforted by my presence and my way of reframing what is happening.

I use the modalities of authentic relating, inverse dream interpretation and visualization, philosophy, and subliminal guidance from the study of astrophysics and biology. Personally, I engage in therapeutic psychedelic practice, research and analytical thinking, meditation, circling, and the happy knowledge that we ain’t got it all figured out.

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Andrew’s story

Psychedelics (broadly – including marijuana and MDMA) have been a big part of my journey, both in healing and awakening. Marijuana, Mushrooms, LSD, Peyote, Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, and MDMA – I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without some key experiences and relationships with these medicines and what they brought me in touch with. I’m also very much an ‘integration-freak.’

Other than Marijuana, I’ve never taken any of these recreationally, and have put a lot of focus on my life on bringing these experiences home, into my waking consciousness, through modalities like Tibetan Buddhism, therapy, focusing, Qi Gong, and poetry and philosophy, just to mention a few. I bring curiosity, wonder, joy and love to the sessions I guide, and a seamless integration of gentleness and force.  

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Hilde’s story

I use multidimensionality and clairvoyance to help you live more from your soul, your natural flow, resulting in more zest for life and creative power. I see you where you can’t see yourself (anymore), and love to help you come to life more. Together we discover new possibilities and options based on your potential, for a more fulfilling life on all levels! And the more you can connect more to life within and around you, the more you will experience the beauty of feeling alive.

I see beauty and qualities in you that you have started to see as negative, or that you never knew you had. I see the pain of your inner child, themes from past lives, and other traumas, and I help you work through these at your own pace. This creates more space for your soul and essence to express themselves. When you make and stay in connection with this inexhaustible source of life energy and inspiration, and you create more and more from this place inside yourself, your life will take a turn you’d never dare to dream about.

Among others modalities, I incorporate energetic healing and reading, emotional bodywork, voice liberation, card readings, and cooperation with elementals and angels.

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I trust Miriam a lot, so I couldn’t have wished for a better guide. From the beginning to the end we were in sync. The trip made it clear why we are here – to experience consciousness and act from love. What it let me experience is indescribable/indescribably beautiful – I don’t dare find words for it, even afterwards – and makes it a lot clearer what I’m here to do. (YW, 52)

Miriam has always been calm, comforting and knowledgeable during my sessions with her. It has been very constructive to discuss my experiences with her, and she has time and again offered her own intuitions that have proven to be useful directions of exploration. Family constellations therapy on psychedelics turned out to be particularly constructive. Also, she made me feel safe as I went through hours of deep explorations. From my five sessions with her, I am considerably less anxious, I have pages and pages of insights into my own life and the workings of my mind, and I am able to take life less seriously. I am more playful, enjoying the colours of my surroundings in daily life. (ER, 37)

Miriam is a modern day shamaness! Caring, compassionate, and wise beyond her years, anytime I’ve been in an intentional setting with her has been healing, awakening, insightful. She embodies a rare combination of knowledge about what she is doing with the high sensitivity and interpersonal skilfulness that ensures a good journey. (AV, 35)

Miriam creates and atmosphere where I feel that whatever thoughts or emotions that arise within me are welcomed. I felt genuinely cared for during the trip. She asked questions or made comments that made me much more conscious of the processes that were happening inside my mind. She made me feel okay with exploring my mind and emotions at my own pace. (PB, 33)

Miriam holds space in an exquisite way and was an integral part of a journey that brought me into unity with nature and deeper wisdoms that have since influenced my work. I warmly recommend her. (ES, 39)

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