Our trip guide Miriam likes to collaborate with clients to create moments that are “auspicious.”

As we reintroduce ourselves and Guided Tripping’s mission to our readers through this hardcore indoor winter, we’re taking this opportunity to introduce (dun-dun-DUN)… a metaphor! And because we like to think bigger, look closer, and nerd out on language too… we did some digging into the unexpected history of the word auspicious.

Auspice comes from the Latin for ‘bird watcher’, and is related to the ancient practice of finding meaning in the flight and folly of birds. Often, sea-birds. By observing the movements of the birds in flight, watchers could divine positive outcomes and new directions. We were shook. That’s exactly what we do!

Okay, so that’s not really what we do at all. But hear us out.

psychedelic seabird

Think of a sea bird, diving in and out of the waves. The bird anticipates fish swimming beneath the surface. It senses a life-force beneath the waves, and glides through the thin barrier separating the airy world from the wet.

Which is kind of how we think about intentional psychedelic experience. Except that birds are a lot more graceful than humans. (This coming from the regional belly-flop champion of the public swimming pool of my youth.)

That’s where guides like Miriam come in. She loves guiding people through massive moments and collaborating to contextualise discoveries in order to make experiences safe, deep, touching, and lastingly positive.

By reading the mind’s currents and riding its waves together, our guides work with clients to find meaning that can change lives.

Moments that matter

Miriam guided for the first time in 2015 when a friend asked for her sober company during an intentional psychedelic experience. His aim was to free himself from the patterns in which he found himself stuck. He confided to her afterwards that the experience felt more impactful than a year’s worth of therapy ever had. And the rest is history.

miriam intentional psychedelic experience

In the time since, Miriam has woven together personal development tools and psychedelic traditions and assembled a dream-team of equally skilled guides. She approaches every session with an attitude of acceptance and an ethos of co-creation. She incorporates modalities like authentic relating, voice dialogue, and repatterning bodywork into work with clients.

By supporting these clients through preparation, experience and integration with intentionality, Miriam can mirror without judgement, reframe refreshingly and foster genuine curiosity around the questions that loom largest for people looking to undertake psychedelic work.

psychedelic mangrove

We humans don’t always know what awaits us beneath life’s sometimes choppy waves. There are shipwrecks. There are whirlpools. There are big expanses of quiet sea.

Miriam and all our guides are there to provide an anchor for your explorations, to work with you while discovering the undercurrents and to free more of yourself as you navigate this life.

Like a sea-bird descending from heady flight to dive into the blustery subconscious and its choppy waters, you too can uncover the meaningful and momentous with a watcher-guide like Miriam.